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Blogger Who Allegedly Hacked Fox News Arrested On 14 Federal Charges

A blogger was arrested by federal officials on Thursday and indicted on multiple charges related to allegedly accessing and leaking unaired Fox News footage.

Timony Burke faces 14 counts including conspiracy, illegally accessing protected computers, and intercepting communications. According to the indictment, Burke worked with an unnamed co-conspirator to access Fox News systems and obtain unaired videos of interviews involving former host Tucker Carlson.

The footage allegedly included unaired parts of Carlson’s interview with rapper Kanye West containing anti-Semitic remarks. Other Carlson videos were also said to be leaked.

Prosecutors allege Burke used compromised credentials to gain unauthorized access to Fox News computers and steal electronic information and communications. Some of the footage was then disclosed publicly.

The FBI raided Burke’s home in May as part of the investigation. His attorney stated the charges were unfounded and amount to “good investigative journalism.” He said Burke denies the allegations and looks forward to defending himself in court.

The indictment provides details of the alleged unauthorized computer access and theft of electronic information, but does not make assumptions about motives or include characterizations of the parties involved.