Mayor Scott responds to residents concerns over rise in quality of life crimes

Baltimore Quality of Life Crimes Climb Despite Drop in Homicides

Baltimore, MD – At a press conference Wednesday, Mayor Brandon Scott touted a 17% decline in homicides and 9% drop in non-fatal shootings. But other crimes like robberies, car thefts, and property crimes have risen sharply, data shows.

The increase is especially stark for car thefts, up 94% from last year. Along Patterson Park’s Eastern Avenue, FOX45 counted 62 piles of shattered glass from broken car windows in just over a mile.

“It’s a bad look for the city,” said resident Samuel Willsey, who avoids parking on streets like Patterson and Eastern.

Some residents are moving out of the city entirely due to safety concerns. Carrie Hall had her car window smashed twice in two weeks on Eastern Avenue. “It’s frustrating and made me wonder if this is a safe place to be,” she said.

Former Canton resident Kelly Scible relocated after two car thefts and a home burglary. “With the carjackings and broken windows, it just wasn’t safe anymore,” she said.

When asked about residents considering leaving due to quality of life crimes, Mayor Scott cited the police department’s arrests but said “it’s about what happens after.” He stated the courts and jails also bear responsibility, as some perpetrators “come back home” quickly after arrests.

Political analyst Richard Vatz criticized the mayor’s stance. “Any mayor saying there’s a major problem, you got to look elsewhere – that’s not the answer,” he said. “You set the tone. What will you do to change that tone in your city?”

With Baltimore’s primary election approaching, Vatz warns Scott’s response could erode voter confidence. Recent polling shows former mayor Sheila Dixon leading Scott 39% to 31%.

Residents want to see substantial improvement in quality of life issues. Without solutions, the rising crime trends could become a key issue in the upcoming mayoral race.