Baltimore County police officer accused of pepper spraying suspect inside vehicle 9 times

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates recently announced indictments against five police officers across three separate cases of misconduct and abuse of power.

The first case involves Baltimore County Police Corporal Zachary Small, who was indicted for second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, excessive force, and misconduct relating to an incident on September 27, 2023. Prosecutors allege Small pepper-sprayed a handcuffed suspect nine times in the face inside a police vehicle after the suspect complained he couldn’t breathe. Small then allegedly threw the suspect to the ground, yanked his head back and forth, and shouted at him for 30 seconds before forcing him back into the pepper-spray filled vehicle without medical assistance. Two other officers, Jacob Roos and Justin Graham-Moore, were indicted on misconduct charges for failing to intervene in Small’s abuse of the suspect.

In the second case, Baltimore Police Officer Alexia Davis was indicted on charges of misconduct, reckless driving, negligent driving, failure to control speed, and misuse of an emergency vehicle over a traffic incident.

The third case involves Baltimore Police Detective June Hall, who was indicted for theft, theft scheme, false entries in public records, and misconduct related to stolen funds.

State’s Attorney Bates asserted that officers who break the law erode public trust and make communities less safe. He reiterated his commitment to apply the law equally and seek justice for victims regardless of the perpetrator.

The indictments demonstrate Bates’ resolve to prosecute abuse and corruption within the police force since taking office. Community leaders have praised his action, while police unions argue he is overzealous. Bates maintains accountability and reform are necessary to build trust between law enforcement and Baltimore residents.