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Kansas Man Speaks Out After He Was Wrongly Accused Of Being Suspected KC Parade Shooter: ‘I Just Want To Clear My Name’

A Kansas City Chiefs fan has spoken out to clear his name after being falsely accused online of being the gunman in last week’s shooting at the team’s Super Bowl celebration parade.

Denton Loudermill of Olathe, Kansas held a press conference with his lawyer LaRonna Lassiter Saunders to address the damaging misinformation spread about him on social media. Photos circulated of Loudermill in handcuffs during the chaos after the shooting, leading some posts to wrongly identify him as the shooter.

Loudermill unequivocally stated he had nothing to do with the violence that left two injured. “I was just enjoying myself like everybody else, but other than that, I was out there not to harm anybody. I was just enjoying the parade like everybody else,” he said.

According to Saunders, Loudermill was briefly detained by police after having some drinks, but was released without any charges. She emphasized that having drinks does not connect him to the shooting in any way.

Saunders revealed Loudermill has received death threats stemming from the false accusations. She pleaded for the public’s help in clearing his name and saving his life by setting the record straight.

This is a cautionary example of the real-world dangers of misinformation spreading unchecked on social media. An innocent man has wrongly become the target of threats due to baseless claims carelessly circulated online. Loudermill deserves to have his reputation and safety restored by rejecting these dangerous lies.