Man arrested after Valentine’s Day standoff faced eviction after dog bit toddler

A man was arrested following a violent standoff with Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers in Southeast Washington. Police say the man opened fire when officers arrived at his home to serve an arrest warrant, injuring four officers.

According to MPD, the warrant was issued on behalf of the Humane Rescue Alliance regarding allegations of animal cruelty. After the standoff ended, investigators reported finding 31 dogs inside the home – 11 puppies and 20 adults.

While the identity of the arrested man has not been officially confirmed, court documents show an eviction notice was filed last April against a tenant at the same address. The notice claimed the tenant had two pit bulls that attacked a 2-year-old.

Additional eviction paperwork was filed in January of this year stating the tenant had failed to remove the dogs. The tenant’s name and other specific details about the incident have not been verified by authorities at this time.

The violent confrontation remains under investigation. The four injured officers were all transported to area hospitals and expected to survive. More information is likely to be released as the case unfolds.