Corporate Coverup? Whistleblower Doctor Alleges Shire Pharmaceuticals Neglected ADHD Drug Monitoring 

After paying out $56.5 million as part of the settlement with federal and state governments in 2014 for allegedly misleading the public, US and state agencies by claiming Adderall would ‘normalize’ its users and Vyvanse would provide ‘less abuse liability’, a former executive from Shire Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda Pharmaceutical Company), in charge of Data Science, has taken legal action against the company. The whistleblower, Dr. Vincent Polito, alleges that Shire failed to comply with Drug Enforcement Administration mandates, such as monitoring and reporting suspicious drug orders for a certain period. The whistleblower asserts that his termination from the company resulted from repeatedly blowing the whistle and ultimately informing the company’s Chief Compliance Officer against the wishes of his management.