Democrats In Annapolis Vote to Make Maryland A Sanctuary For Illegal Aliens

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Democrats In Annapolis Override Hogan Vetoes – Maryland Now A Sanctuary For Illegal Aliens

Without any thought or hesitation, the Maryland General Assembly in December overrode Governor Hogan’s vetoes of legislation to effectively turn Maryland into a Sanctuary State along the lines of California. The Democrat supermajority in both the House and the Senate ignored the fact that overriding Hogan would erode the ability of Maryland law enforcement to fight crime as well as hurt counties where workers are employed by detention facilities where illegals were held for ICE for pickup and deportation.

With the polls showing a total collapse in support for the Biden Regime, Annapolis Democrats must be desperate for new uneducated voters.

Here are quotes from two lawless elected creeps in Annapolis, trying to justify their actions in promoting these laws:

“I have to say this over and over again, the vast, vast majority of people detained in these for-profit ICE facilities are our neighbors, our residents, our constituents, and they are non-criminals.”

Delegate David Moon – Montgomery County Democrat

Can you believe this sick attitude, comparing the rights of illegals to Maryland citizens? Moon actually believes illegals aliens are his constituents and are non-criminals? Does the Asian Community in Montgomery County actually believe this nonsense?

Even more ignorant is the statement from a State Senator, also from Montgomery County, who actually compared illegals to his Jewish grandfather who came over (legally) when he was 8 years old. This lawless creep boasted of joining CASA of Maryland in a rally supporting these anti-citizen laws.

“In the press, this week’s Special Session has been all about our maps. But for me, it’s been about something more important–protecting immigrants.

My grandfather came to this county on a boat. He was 8 years old, the same age as my son is now. He didn’t speak any English. He had no money to his name.

I tell my own children about my grandfather, who passed long ago. And I work hard to instill in them that our family came from somewhere else. ALL families come from somewhere else.

That’s why I was proud to join CASA on Friday for a rally against the Governor’s anti-immigrant position. That’s why I stood up on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday to speak about my grandfather. And that’s why I was honored to override the Governor’s vetoes of two important bills.

The greatest gift that America has given my family isn’t material comfort, but the equal protection of her laws. Today’s immigrants deserve the dignity that comes from a life free from discrimination. They, too, should enjoy the protection of our laws.”

Senator Jeff Waldstreicher – Montgomery County Democrat

Good lord, how stupid is this creep? “All families came from somewhere else”. What? I’m embarrassed to say Waldstreicher is a fellow Jew! My family came here on a boat too, but legally. We did not jump the border and break our laws like the hordes represented by Casa of Maryland.

Waldstreicher and Moon are just two of dozens of Democrats in Annapolis that allow lawbreaking illegals to frolic in Maryland free from law enforcement. And with the Biden Regime continuing to allow millions in under their Open Border Policy, its no wonder Maryland is the number 3 destination for illegal aliens. Expect more increases in property taxes, crime, Covid, human trafficking, overcrowded schools, housing, roads and hospitals, voter fraud, MS-13 gang violence, drugs, prostitution, legal fees for aliens and more.

How sad that voters choose to be represented by these lightweights.