Sean Casey: A Time for Choosing 2.0

A Time for Choosing 2.0

By Sean Casey


On October 27, 1964, former President Ronald Reagan delivered an historic speech while campaigning for then GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. The speech, called “A Time for Choosing”, laid out the clear choice and vast differences between Goldwater and Democrat candidate Lyndon Baines Johnson, the incumbent who was sworn into office after the assassination of President Kennedy. Reagan portrayed these differences in stark contrast and called it a “rendezvous with destiny.”

Johnson went on to win that election aided by the brutal Daisy television ad, which portrayed a nuclear war complete with mushroom cloud if Goldwater were to win. But Reagan’s speech resonated, not only with Republicans but the American people as well, setting the table for the GOP to take the next six out of seven presidential elections including two terms for Reagan.

56 years later, we face another time for choosing but this time the stakes are much higher. This rendezvous with destiny is about the very soul and spirit of these United States. This is truly a choice election:

A choice between freedom and suppression. Whether you believe America is truly an exceptional nation and the greatest force for good in the world or a systemically racist nation that was based on oppression and discrimination. A choice between the American dream and a socialist nightmare.

The choice is between capitalism which is about free markets, opportunity and generosity or socialism which denies the right of the individual and is really about shared misery. It has failed everywhere it has been tried.

This election, the choice is about re-opening our country to resume the booming economy or to shut our nation down again which could bring about a depression that could kill more than the virus.

We face a choice between restoring law and order on our streets in major cities or the continued chaos of rioting, looting and burning.

The choice is between tax cuts and reduced federal red tape or tax increases and government mandates which will cripple the economy especially during a pandemic.
We face a choice between a safe effective vaccine and therapeutics for the virus or national mask mandates and house arrest.

This election we can choose between school choice and equal opportunity for all children or school by zip code where some children are doomed to fail due to the growing school bureaucracy.
The choice is America first or China first. Trump takes no money from Wall St big donors or from foreign countries and globalists whereas Biden is compromised by the Chicoms and is one of their apologists.

Voters are being asked to choose between a strong military and the most modern equipment in the world or a weaker military that will be forced to cannibalize parts again to fund their socialist nightmare.

Our choice is between a free-market driven health care system that will feature transparent competitive pricing, lower premiums and coverage for pre-existing conditions versus a Medicare for all socialist plan that will dictate your doctor, procedures and care.

It’s time to choose for free and fair trade deals where our fellow Americans benefit first and not to outsource our jobs and offshore our companies to the globalists.

We are faced with a choice between religious liberty where we can practice our faiths in our houses of worship and not be threatened with religious persecution like fines and arrest by government bureaucrats.

We must choose between free speech and cancel culture and whether to live and learn from our history or seek to sanitize and erase our monuments, statues and founding fathers.
The only choice that matters is life. We must protect our unborn against those who advocate for abortion on demand. The choice is to defend our second amendment right versus those who want to register and confiscate our firearms.

It’s time to choose control over our borders so that as a sovereign nation we have recognized boundaries or succumb to the radical left that wants open borders leading to an invasion of illegal aliens that will put our country at an economic tipping point.

The choice on foreign policy and national defense is peace through strength where we seek to solve foreign crises through diplomatic channels first but use the military when necessary versus the policies of appeasement. We must continue pursuing historic peace deals and stop the endless wars or watch our blood and treasure continue to be sacrificed by the political-industrial-military complex.

We choose a philosophy that seeks to place originalist justices on the Supreme Court where the written words have meaning and not those who want to legislate from the bench in an activist court.

This November, we vote to end the corruption and drain the swamp from those who have spent their careers enriching themselves and cronies while growing the Deep State.

Our choice is to end the strangulation of regulation to free individuals and small businesses so that they may grow and prosper or to hand the keys over to the mandate mindset who seeks to control every aspect of our lives.

Do we want “made in the U.S.A” to mean something again or will we continue to depend on medicines and vital equipment to be made in China?

Will families, the building blocks of our society, be emphasized and reinforced or will the ‘it takes a village approach” carry the day?

On the environment, the choice is between a common sense scientific-driven agenda for clean air and water or the Chicken Little over-reaching and brutally expensive Green New Deal.
Is it “Morning in America” again with that “shining city on the hill” or the “dark winter” of a country that never lived up to its promise?

This is truly a pivotal moment in history. Will we rise to the occasion like our founding fathers who pledged their lives their fortunes and sacred honor? Or will the great experiment of this constitutional republic succumb under the weight of utopian dreams and false promises.
We are at a crossroads, a fork in the road, and another time for choosing.

Choose wisely.