Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Maryland Redistricting Case

SUPREMES TO HEAR GERRYMANDER CASE: The Supreme Court said Friday that it will hear a challenge to Maryland’s congressional districts brought by seven Republican voters who say the state’s 2011 redistricting violated their First Amendment rights, reports John Fritze in the Sun.

CAUTIOUS, UPBEAT ON FBI HQ: After planning that began in the George W. Bush administration, officials from Maryland at the national and state level are cautiously optimistic the latest push for a new FBI complex located outside the District of Columbia will come to fruition after a five-month delay, F. Meils and Helen Parshall of CNS report.

LAWMAKERS TO TACKLE HEALTH CARE: After months of turmoil on Maryland’s individual health exchange, the General Assembly will get its first crack at tackling some of the forces that led to significant increases in premiums this year, Tim Curtis of the Daily Record reports. The legislature’s work will have to take on a sense of urgency as insurance companies predict that without changes, the state’s exchange could collapse by 2019.