The Leftist Liberal Obsession With ALL THINGS CONFEDERATE

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August 18, 2017, Ferndale, MD

The Leftist Liberal Obsession With All Things Confederate

America is at a another crossroad in our short 241 year history. This time the defining issue is all things Confederate.

From statues to monuments to street names and even to gravestones and flags, none is safe from condemnation by the liberal leftists.

The American Civil War took the lives of over 600,000 souls, each sure in his own mind that what he was defending was right and worth fighting and giving his life for, but all believed that it would be someone else who would die or be maimed, never them.

We as a nation have honored both Union and Confederates who lead, fought and died, each believing in the ‘rightness’ of their cause since the end of the war over 150 years ago.

Now factions of the left are attacking all things Confederate in a completely idiotic attempt to bury a vital part of our American history.

There can be NO justification for attacking symbols or monuments in an attempt to erase what is absolute fact. What is next after all the physical reminders of the Civil War have been removed or destroyed? Will books that contain references to the Civil War be banned? How about any movies? Or TV shows like The Dukes Of Hazzard?

Will our children’s children grow up with a ‘hole’ in American history that no one is allowed to talk about for fear of offending?

Hitler did almost the exact same thing by burning books that he disagreed with and making it a crime to talk about certain subjects. He took it to the ultimate by declaring his idea of a Jewish free world, putting Jews in concentration camps, then ovens and death showers.

Is this what we want for OUR country? Is this what we will ALLOW our country to become?

To be sure, slavery was absolutely and unequivocally wrong. But consider that it was black Africans who hunted down other blacks, held them for the slave ships, then sold them into slavery. It was equally wrong for Whites to purchase Blacks and hold them in bondage.

Slavery ended over 150 years ago. Yes, it was a black mark (no pun intended) in American history. But no one alive today was ever a slave, and no one alive today ever owned a slave. GET OVER IT.

Embrace our rich American history, both good and bad. Learn from our mistakes, applaud our accomplishments and look forward to our future without living in the past.

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