Poll: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Has 2nd Highest Approval Rating In The Country

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has the second highest approval rating for a governor in the country, according to a national poll of governors released by the research group Morning Consult.

According to the poll, Hogan’s super-majority approval rating is second only to the governor of Massachusetts.

Hogan rides a tide of high approval ratings despite the two-to-one Democratic majority in the State.

According to Morning Consult, Hogan is three points behind Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, another republican in a deep blue state.

Sixty-eight percent of registered voters polled in Maryland approve of Hogan’s performance as governor, while 16 percent disapprove. Thirteen percent don’t know or have no opinion.

A spokesperson said what is most important to the governor is continuing the administration’s work to change Maryland for the better.

Hogan faces re-election next year and there are presently eight Democrats declared or considering a run against him.

“It’s a little surprising in fact that these people decided to declare so early,” political scientist Matthew Crenson said.

Hogan had a 65 percent approval rating in March in a Washington Post/University of Maryland poll.

When asked if they would vote for him in 2018, 41 percent said yes, 37 percent said they’d vote for the Democrat, 20 percent were undecided.



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