Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh’s List Of Frivolous And Ongoing Lawsuits Against President Trump

Commentary:  It appears to me, that, Maryland’s Attorney General has become fully obsessed with President Donald Trump and his Administration, filing frivolous lawsuits and costing Maryland Tax Payer’s millions of dollars.  This does not include how much is being spent to be the state’s defense attorney in the ongoing Gerrymandering Case, see Shapiro V State of Maryland.  How does this Help Save Maryland?

When will his obsession end?  Listed is some of the cases he has brought against President Trump and his Administration.  You can also view the cases on the website.  If I am a Maryland Tax payer, don’t you believe you have a say in how you’re hard-earned money is being spent?  Brian Frosh is ubber liberal who also has promoted his personal  GuidanceMemorandum  to notify all of Maryland Law Enforcement not to work with ICE/DHS on detainers, but to get warrants. This is an Attorney General who also supports Casa De Maryland and their pro illegal immigrant advocacy and has the backs of illegal alien criminals in Maryland. Don’t you find it odd, that the top attorney in Maryland has not focused on getting rid of MS13 criminal gang bangers?