IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Bruce Elliott LIVE in Washington D.C.

Bruce Elliott and Nino Mangione were in Washington D.C. for the 11th Annual Federation of American Immigration Reform ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire’ Radio Row. Bruce discussed the issue of illegal immigration with congressman, senators, victims who lost loved ones, experts and more!

Live Show June 28th, 2017

Live Show June 29, 2017

Journalist and TV Host Michelle Malkin joins The Bruce Elliott Show




Bruce Elliott With United States Senator Mike Crapo From Idaho


Bruce Elliott With Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, who is also running for United States Senate Against RINO Sitting Senator Jeff Flake


Nino Mangione with Congressman Dave Brat. Dave Brat Shocked the World When He Defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia Primary Election


Mary Ann Mendoza Joined the Show to Discuss The Loss of Her Son Due to the Criminal Actions of An Already Convicted Illegal Alien


Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks Joins the Show and Retells the Story of the Horrific Shooting at the Republican Congressional Baseball Practice


The Outspoken Congressman From Iowa, Steve King Joins the Show to Discuss the Illegal Immigration Problem Throughout America


The Great Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Joins the Show to Discuss the Illegal Immigration Issues in Maryland, Specifically Frederick County


Robert Spencer of Joins Bruce in Washington D.C.