TODAY at 2 PM! Working Session Open To Public – Debate on Kevin Kamenetz Unlawful Act To Protect Illegal Aliens

THEY MUST NOT SUCCEED – Update – May 30th, 2 PM, Working Session Open To Public – Baltimore County Exec, Kevin Kamenetz Unlawful Act To Protect Illegal Aliens From Being Detained After Release Date


Calling All Groups, Those Groups That Helped Defeat Maryland’s Unlawful Trust Act:

This email was sent to all of the Baltimore County Council, and Executive, and Attorney General, Frosh.  Let’s take the fight to them and hard.

It’s almost time to show up.  Don’t forget to get there early.  Get in line to testify against this destructive law to the lawful citizens of Baltimore County and Legal Immigrants.  To hell with Atty General, Brian Frosh and his veil threats, warning, all jurisdictions, that they must obtain a warrant to hold detainees past their release date.  Flood his office.  I’ve already sent his memorandum to the Justice Department, Atty General, Jeff Sessions directly.  We will make sure that Baltimore County will not receive their almost, 138 million in Federal Grants and any other County that refuses to follow Federal Immigration Laws.  As of a few years ago, Maryland tax payers shelled out almost 2 billion dollars for those who are unlawfully here.  Now, it is closer to 3 billion.  It’s time to stop the flood of tax payer dollars going to unlawful residents.  I hear by, put Attorney General Frosh, Casa De Maryland supporter, on notice in 2018.  We will mount a charge like he has never seen before and will get his illegal loving rear out his seat and reverse his unlawful memorandum.