Baltimore County Council to Discuss Sanctuary City Bill on May 30th!

Baltimore County Bill That Would Force Law Enforcement and Corrections To Comply With 287g – B32-17 – Enforcement of 287G

Posted on by HelpSaveMaryland

The following is the outline of the Bill -32-17, that Baltimore County Liberals and Exec, Kevin Kamenetz is trying to kill.  The hearing is on May 30th, 2 pm, details below:

Remember, Casa De Maryland people will most likely show up and counter our voices, as they usually do.

The work session on May 30th at 2:00 p.m. will more than likely be held in the Council Chambers. Usually the work sessions are held in the Council Conference room, but with the Bill 32-17 up for discussion they will be using the bigger room. When you arrive at the Old Court House, Second Floor, 400 Washington Avenue they will be directing citizens to the appropriate room.

Don’t forget to continue phone banking and emailing, that, preventing law enforcement and the County from contacting DHS/ICE puts Baltimore County and Maryland Citizens and Legal Immigrants in harms way……