BALTIMORE: Mayor and City Council Admit Speed Cameras About the Revenue

Baltimore officials plan to award contracts worth nearly $10 million on Wednesday to two companies that will relaunch the city’s once-troubled speed and red light camera system as early as June.

American Traffic Solutions will be paid $5.4 million to run the city’s speed camera system and Conduent Inc. will be paid $4.2 million to run the red light camera system, according to a proposal under consideration by the city’s spending panel. A third firm, MRA Digital LLC, will be paid $80,000 to calibrate the cameras annually….


He also acknowledged that the system will create a new revenue stream for the city.

“I’m not going to say it’s not for generating revenue,” Young said. “It’s going to generate revenue.”


In announcing the program’s return in March, Pugh said the cameras have “always been considered a revenue-producing tool.” But, she said, they also would encourage safer driving.