Federal Appeals Court Upholds Waiting Period For Gun Purchases

Word On The Street Commentary By Steve Smith — The far-leftist 9th Circuit Court has upheld California’s 10 day waiting period for the purchase of a gun, be it a first purchase or additional purchase, citing as their justification that it does not infringe on the Second Amendment Rights of the purchaser.

While I am all in favor of due diligence in running background checks through police records and fingerprint checks, I cannot believe the records checks need take 10 days.  Example:  when a crime is committed and the police have a suspect, the records check takes mere hours to be completed regardless of time of day, weekends or holidays included.  Technology advances of today make this a routine operation subject only to the volume of applicants.  48 hours should be the maximum time required to send the information, perform the checks, and return the results to the selling dealer.

As to the completely arbitrary “10 day” rule, if this is allowed to stand what is to preclude any Federal, State or Local government from imposing a 20 day, 30 day or more waiting period?  Where is the line when a background check with an extended waiting period becomes denial of our basic 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms?

I believe this case merits review by the Supreme Court.  And on a larger basis, Carry Permits issued by one State should be honored by any other State, regardless of Concealed or Open Carry.  All States recognize a Driver LIcense issued by any other State.  A Social Security Card is also recognized universally.  Why should a Carry Permit be any exception?  Here in Maryland it is virtually impossible for the average citizen to obtain a Carry Permit UNLESS you know someone of influence or have a ‘clear and substantial’ reason.  Isn’t personal protection of yourself and your family substantial?  Criminals have no such restriction, their only goal is to commit a crime backed up by a firearm and not get caught.  The phrase “I’D RATHER BE JUDGED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6” is so fitting.

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