Shock Video: Elderly Man Stabbed to Death in Broad Daylight in Baltimore


Seeking help from the public in identifying the killer, Baltimore police released a video Saturday of the murder of an elderly man who was stabbed to death by a young Black male in broad daylight on a main Baltimore highway Friday afternoon.

The video shows the elderly man standing on a sidewalk holding a cane and carrying a package exchanging words with a young Black male wearing a hoodie.

The elderly man walks away and the young Black male walks up behind him, grabs the man and throws him on the grass by the sidewalk. The elderly man tries to use his cane to fend off the young Black male. The young Black male pulls what appears to be a knife from his pocket and tries repeatedly with his right hand to stab the elderly man sprawled on his back on the grass. The young Black male stabs the elderly in the side, but then the elderly man kicks the young Black male away several times. Eventually the young Black male is able to lunge past the elderly man’s legs and stabs him in the gut.