Judge Sentences Baltimore Rioter to 15 Years After Hearing His INSANE Excuse

Judge Sentences Baltimore Rioter to 15 Years After Hearing His INSANE Excuse

Only the thugs in Baltimore can be so hypocritical as to call for justice after assaulting police officers, burning law enforcement vehicles and looting nearby businesses.


Regardless, a Baltimore judge just performed a mighty good deed — he sentenced Donta Betts, a major rioter in the city’s unrest last year, to 15 years behind bars.

While a great deal of attention surrounded the official ruling, Betts’ unbelievable admission just before his sentencing was also catching the eye of many.

Prosecutors told WJZ-TV that Betts had fessed up, having stated: “I did all this because that was my period to go wild on police.”

This is why the Black Lives Matter movement garners little respect outside of those adhering to the extreme left mindset. They not only place themselves into a special status, but also desecrate the inherent personhood of those who humbly protect and serve.

Progressives and establishment Democrats are scared into submission by the Black Lives Matter movement. The right, on the other hand, just thinks they need a job and perhaps a spanking.

“Donta Betts was a menace to society here in Baltimore. The scope of the criminal activity he was involved in is really breathtaking,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said.

Rosenstain called out Betts’ crimes from “throwing rocks to destroying police cars, starting fires, (and) stealing from pharmacies.”

Yeah, prison will fit this punk wonderfully.