State Roundup, November 17, 2016

COMPTROLLER MISDIRECTED $21.4 MILLION: Maryland’s chief tax collector said Wednesday that his office accidentally misdirected $21.4 million of local income tax payments for years, a mistake that affects nearly every municipality in the state. Comptroller Peter Franchot told a panel of state lawmakers that the scope of misdirected tax payments was broader than he previously thought, Erin Cox is reporting in the Sun. State auditors reported in September that the comptroller’s office had sent $8.7 million to the wrong municipalities in Montgomery County.

BLACK DRIVERS SEARCHED AT HIGHER RATES: Black motorists in Maryland are stopped and searched by police at higher rates than their white counterparts, despite being less likely in many jurisdictions to be found with illicit drugs or other contraband, according to statewide traffic stop data reported by Kevin Rector in the Sun.