State Roundup, November 16, 2016

REINTEGRATION AFTER CONVICTION: Eleanor Mueller of CNS reports that those convicted of a crime in Maryland may soon find it easier to integrate into society, should the state adopt recommendations reviewed by a workgroup in the state capital on Tuesday. In addition to criminal penalties imposed at sentencing, there are legal and regulatory restrictions — commonly known as collateral consequences — that place those convicted in legal limbo.

STORMWATER FEES IN HOWARD: Howard County businesses, many of whom have long decried stormwater fees as unfair and asymmetric, are pushing the county to craft financial incentives to motivate commercial property owners to manage stormwater runoff, reports Fatimah Waseem for the Howard County Times.

FRACKING PROTEST IN FREDERICK: The sound of passing cars honking and a “ban fracking now” chant pierced the exterior walls of Winchester Hall as the Frederick County Council met inside Tuesday night, Danielle Gaines and Samantha Hogan write for the Frederick News Post. More than 100 demonstrators organized by “Don’t Frack Maryland” gathered in front of the county’s seat to oppose draft state regulations that would open up fracking in Maryland if state lawmakers don’t pass legislation this year to ban the controversial practice.