TRACY HART From Q 1370 and Her Comments on the Bruce Elliott Show


Tracy Hart works across the hall, and is an integral part of Rouse & Company. She is also an exceptionally smart and insightful woman. These are her thoughts –

I am….

I am a feminist. I believe that a woman can do anything that a man can do. I live by that creed and teach my daughters the same. Most of my life I have excelled in positions where women are rarely involved and will stand up for any woman who wants to do the same. I do not say that I am a feminist, I show that I am by breaking down ceilings. Mission Commander in the Air Force Auxiliary – where I was the only female Mission Commander in our squadron. Certified roofer – in a male dominated construction industry. Even being a DJ, as most are male.

I am a believer in immigration. My ex-husband came to this country as an adult. He went through the system the CORRECT lawful way and became an American. He is hard working and believes in this country and all that it has given him. We are a better country because he is here.

I am the PROUD parent of an interracial child. There is no doubt that she is interracial and I am honored that God made me her mom. I have been asked where I adopted her (didn’t) and what nationality she is (American) and every other odd question that someone can come up with. Her belief that love has no color confirms that I am raising her right.

I am a believer in love. I may not be LGBTQ but some in my family are and I am incredibly proud that they live their lives in a way that brings them happiness.

What I am NOT….

I am not a racist.

I am not anti-feminist.

I am not anti-immigration.

I am not against ANYONE’S right to have a good life, love and happiness.

I am not uneducated. I have a masters degree.

What do I believe….

I believe that life is hard. I believe that my children need to be taught that life doesn’t always go as we hope. I believe that there will be times in their lives when they will question why. Why did this happen? Why did it happen to me? Why only me? Why us? I believe as a parent, it is my responsibility to teach them how to cope with those whys in a healthy respectful rational way.

I believe in the power of disagreement. I believe that rational respectful people can have conversations, disagree, and can continue to love one another.

What I do not believe in….

I do not believe that if you disagree with someone then that gives you the right to attack them.

I do not believe that rioting, caving in to bullies because we might hurt their feelings, burning the flag that so many died to protect or attacking people who disagree with us is what being an American is.

I understand…..

I understand some feel that they are grieving. I have buried a child. I have seen grieving that most can’t comprehend. THIS is not grieving. THIS is disappointment.

I understand what many hoped for did not happen this election. I understand feeling the need to peacefully protest or to do something to help ease that disappointment. I will be there if you need an ear, a shoulder, a cup of coffee or someone to tell you to put your big girl panties on.

But shortly, I EXPECT us, as a country, to get our asses off the floor, strap on our boots and be prepared to stop the world from laughing at us.

We, as a country, have bigger problems. We have groups of people that want to wipe our country off this earth. Not because of our race, stances on immigration, or sexual preference, but because we are AMERICAN. I for one am not interested in seeing that happen.

Let us remember why we once WERE a country to be feared and do something to BE that again.

I am… a supporter of the President Elect of the United States.