Vote or Not, A Submission By Steve Smth

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November 7, 2016

A Letter About Voting

Our country began it’s roots in 1776 when we threw off the chains of England. It was an extremely costly war, with many Patriots dying and many more British killed following their King’s directives.

Our Founding Fathers drafted one of the most important documents which we live by today, namely our Declaration of Independence. Along with this, they enumerated the 10 most basics of Americans, known as our Bill Of Rights.

We are not a nation of Subjects to be ruled over by a King or Queen. We decide our own destiny through our right to vote for our representatives. That makes us Citizens, not Subjects.

Our voting right is what makes us superior to the rest of the world. Many countries claim to have open elections, but in those countries if you vote against the establishment elite then you will face the most direst of consequences, life long imprisonment or death. Most other countries do not even have elections (Cuba comes to mind).

If you value your right as a CITIZEN to choose your representative, then go to the voting booth on November 8th.

Whether you choose Trump or Clinton as the next president is not the issue, (although I could put forth so much for Trump and a ton of negatives on Hillary).

The point is… VOTE! Anyone who decides to stay home and forfeit their hard won right to voice their opinion for one side or another has no right to complain about how our Country is run.

From dog catcher to Sheriff to Congress to Senate to Presidency, it is YOU who have the final say.

Don’t waste your right to vote. It’s too important, and many millions of our troops have died to preserve that right. Don’t dishonor their sacrifice by staying home.

Much depends on the outcome of this election. Our country will never be the same based on this vote.

I hope and pray that you will exercise your voting privilege.

In conclusion, I offer the following:

A non vote means nothing.

May our Country be blessed by God, and may all Americans claim their right to vote.