The Real Priorities of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

If you remember back to February 2014, I wrote in an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun:

Unfortunately for the last 15 years, a succession of mayors who are more interested in grabbing for the brass ring than they are in providing competent leadership for the city they claim to love have ruled Baltimore.

What you may not remember is that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake did not take kindly to me pointing out that she was too focused on being a Democratic National Committee leader and Sunday Shows talking head to actually govern the city. She was so mad that she wrote a letter to the editor complaining about it.

So as if to probe my point that Rawlings-Blake was more interested in grabbing the brass ring than governing, we get the revelation that Stephanie Rawlings-Blake actually left Baltimore at one point to go to New York to tape an appearance for the Food Network show chopped.

No. Really. This happened.