State Roundup, October 21, 2016

NET LOSS IN TAXPAYERS: Maryland had more tax-filers move out than move in last year, as families headed south to states such as Virginia and Florida, Natalie Sherman reports in the Sun. The state saw a net loss of nearly 8,000 households, as 68,384 families opted to go abroad or to another state but just 60,429 moved in, according to new Internal Revenue Service data. About 63,356 households relocated within the state, said the IRS, which tracked the number of filers using a different address in 2015 than in 2014.

SNOW DAYS AS SCHOOL DAYS: Washington County Public Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox said he’s already begun discussions with Maryland State Department of Education officials about the possibility of snow days counting as school days if students work online or on prepared assignments those days, Julie Greene reports for the Hagerstown Herald Mail.