State Roundup, October 17, 2016

POISED FOR FIGHT OVER INDUSTRIAL ARRAYS: On an isolated 100 acres of farmland where corn and soybeans once grew, a different sort of crop has sprouted — one that hums quietly when skies are clear. Scott Dance writes in the Sun that while clean energy advocates and regulators are trying to help the state manage its power supply, local officials and the homeowners they represent are wary of massive new installations rising in their communities.

STATE WON’T JOIN EPA LAWSUIT: Maryland officials won’t be joining New York and a handful of other Northeastern states that recently filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency demanding it hold other states responsible for the air pollution they send downwind, Scott Dance reports for the Sun.

POT COMMISSION MEMBER DEFENDS CHOICES: A key figure on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission defended the panel’s decisions on who received licenses to grow marijuana for medical use amid accusations that politically well-connected