State Roundup, October 13, 2016

FROSH OPINION COULD ALTER JAIL INDUSTRY: Jail populations in Maryland could fall. Lawmakers might have to confront an issue they’ve sidestepped. And the future of a powerful industry could be in doubt, writes Michael Dresser in the Sun. All are possible results of an opinion issued this week by Attorney General Brian E. Frosh, who concluded that keeping people in jail because they can’t afford bail is probably unconstitutional.

HOGAN WARY ON METRORAIL MONEY: Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday that Washington’s Metrorail system must dramatically improve before Maryland will consider providing it with additional tax dollars. “This is unfortunately a system that appears to have been broken for a long time, with nobody really in charge,” said Hogan, noting that Maryland already pays “nearly half a billion dollars” to subsidize the Metro lines that extend into Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, Erin Cox reports for the Sun.