Hannity Takes Top Slot For Most Watched Cable News, Megyn Kelly Furious

Hannity Gets Career Changing News that has Megyn Kelly FURIOUS! All Thanks to Trump!



Megyn Kelly pretends to be “fair and balanced”, but that clearly isn’t the case when it comes to Donald Trump. Their relationship started out rocky in the first Republican debate and it hasn’t improved much since. Kelly uses every chance she gets to attack Trump and invite his enemies on her show to put him down.

Sean Hannity is one of the few media figures willing to stand up for Trump, even when the attacks are coming from his own station.

Well, the bold move paid off.

“Fox News’ “Hannity” finished the month of September as the most-watched cable news program among the key demo of adults age 25-54, marking the first time Sean Hannity‘s show won a month since 2013.”


“Hannity” averaged 525,000 demo viewers, beating “The Kelly File” by roughly 22,000 viewers per night!


Sean’s numbers are said to have have surged because of numerous exclusive interviews with Donald Trump. Ever since Kelly has taken a stand against Trump, her ratings have plummeted. Viewers are actually staying up later and waiting until her show is over to tune in.

If these ratings keep up, FOX will likely bump “the Kelly File” to the later time slot and move “Hannity” in its place.

Nice work Mr. Hannity!