Baltimore Expected To Get Hit Multiple Times, Snow Accumulations Predicted Low

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Baltimore Area Is Expected To Get Multiple Snow Storms, But No Significant Accumulations Expected

While we don’t always trust the weatherman to give us accurate information (personally most of us just look outside), AccuWeather is predicting a cold winter, damage to crops in the Southeast, and heavy snow in the Northeast.

It is predicted that Baltimore will see multiple storms, the accumulation is expected to be minimal due to our changing temperatures, resulting in rain and sleet which will eradicate any on-the-ground snow buildup.  A longer than usual snow season could last well into Spring.

We’ll see just how accurate that AccuWeather is.  Click on the Full Story Here link above to read the full story, or click on this link:

Get your snow shovels ready, but according to the story you might not need them!  Ice and sleet may cancel schools and most government activities, but we’ll get through them as we always have here in the Baltimore region.