9-11-2001, A Day We Must Never Forget

America Must Never Forget

September 11, 2001

One Hour, 17 Minutes That Changed America Forever

8:46 AM — Flight 11 of American Airlines out of Boston’s Logan Airport was hijacked and flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.

north tower hit by plane

9:05 AM — Flight 175 of United Airlines out of Boston’s Logan Airport was hijacked and flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.

south tower hit by plane

9:37 AM — Flight 77 of American Airlines out of Washington’s Dulles Airport was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon.

PENTAGON On 9-11-01

10:03 AM — Flight 93 of United Airlines out of Newark International, New Jersey, was speculated to crash into either our Capital or the White House. Due to the heroic efforts of passengers and plane staff, this flight crashed into a rural area of Pennsylvania, failing to carry out the terrorist’s plan.

flight 93 crash

For three days, there was a complete halt to all plane travel. Since then, we have seen the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) groping children and grandmothers. The TSA has even been reduced to body searching people who have colostomy bags!

A standard review of all passengers using a metal scanner is to be expected. Luggage can be X-rayed for metallic objects that could pose a threat. But let’s get a check of reality here… A razor using real blades, a set of nail trimmers, even a metallic letter opener are not the tools of terrorists. A 3 year old, or a grandmother of 90+ years is not a threat.

Our TSA is restricted from, quote… “Racial Profiling”. Yes, there will be those that don’t fit the profile, but there are many others that have a swarthy look, dark skin, and speak with an accent attributable to a Middle Eastern country that bear additional scrutiny before being allowed to board the plane.

Let me be clear: Terrorists have used our own planes to inflict great damage to America. We must be vigilant, but who, in their right mind, would expect another such attack, especially with the heightened security, impregnable cockpit access, and plane staff who are cognizant of the threat?

Make no mistake, the next attack (and there WILL be another) must result in a body count greater than that of September 11, 2001. With terrorists, a couple dozen killed is nothing, it’s a news item that gets buried on page 5.

I predict that the NEXT attack will be in a stadium, with around 50,000+ people at risk. Stadium events do not have the security in place, the vendor areas are wide open, and enough terrorists can gain admission posing as fans, vendors or their associates to get in. One or two men inside can bring in enough weapons to cow the masses, then one man with a suitcase bomb who wants to “die for allah” will do the rest, shouting “allah ackbar” as he presses the button to rid America of these infidels.

Related image     Image result for pictures of mushroom clouds

I highly suggest you watch the games on TV and don’t go near a stadium.

Again, the terrorists win, not through lack of Americanism or Patriotism, but through simply the fear that they incur in our people.

The only way to beat the terrorists is to cut the head off of the snake, then mop up the rest. Our military is more than equal to the task. It’s just a matter of identifying the enemy. ISIS and their associated splinter groups have only to look into the eyes of a member of our military to know their day has come.

Say what you will… 72 virgins for each terrorist is very weak. I hope that each so called ‘virgin’ is 109 years old, ugly as all get out, and not a virgin at all.

May these terrorists rot in Hell forever.

A moving compilation and story from one reporter (who lost his life) on that day: