Myth vs. Reality on Post-Labor Day School Start Date: Hogan’s Office Responds

The governor’s office put out this unusual direct response to criticism found in news stories of Gov. Larry Hogan’s order to begin the school year in 2017 after Labor Day. Here it is word for word.


Cecil County Board Of Education President Dawn Branch Stated That “Only A Small Minority Of People” Have Asked For A Post-Labor Day School Start Date.

“In Cecil County, only a small minority of people have ever asked the school board for a post-Labor Day start, she added…” (Jessica Iannetta, “Gov. Hogan Mandates Post-Labor Day Start For Schools,” Cecil Whig, 8/31/16)


Polls Show That The Overwhelming Majority Of Marylanders – 72% – Support Starting School After Labor Day.

“Residents continue to support Comptroller Peter Franchot’s ‘Let Summer Be Summer’ initiative. Seventy-two percent support a statewide mandate requiring schools to start after the Labor Day holiday; 19 percent oppose it.” (“Goucher Poll Releases Results On Politician Approval Ratings, Local Presidential Hopefuls, Transportation, Vaccines, And The Environment,” Goucher Poll, 2/25/15)