MICHAEL SAVAGE: Why Aren’t We Doing What Brazil Has Done?

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In today’s issue: News of the impeachment of leftist Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff had Savage wondering why the United States hasn’t already taken a similar course of action.

“They threw her out. She’s a far leftist, by the way,” Savage said. “A radical leftist on the order of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“Let me tell you, the parallels are overwhelming.”

Savage continued:

She represented the leftist Workers’ Party, which is exactly the equivalent of the Democratic Party of today in the United States of America.

“And the sweeping corruption scandals, along with the worst economic crisis in decades, and the government’s tone-deaf responses to the souring national mood,” I’m quoting the New York Times now, “led to her downfall.”

Why are the same elements in the United States of America not leading to the downfall and impeachment of Obama and the absolute rejection of Hillary Clinton, who is an equivalent of this woman?

Now, here’s the important thing.

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