MICHAEL SAVAGE: The Ten Commandments of Liberalism

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In today’s issue: Listeners of “The Savage Nation” asked Savage to reread his “Ten Commandments of Liberalism” from his upcoming book “Scorched Earth.”

Savage explained it’s a list of some of the propaganda that college students “have been brainwashed and drugged into believing, which will explain the millennial vote.”

The “commandments” are:

“Man is evil and is poisoning the earth.”

This is what they’ve learned in college. This is what they teach them at Harvard.

“The Earth is a living organism and needs to be protected.”

“All white people are racist.”

“All people of color are good.”

“All refugees should be allowed in and given whatever they request.”

Your daughter is being told, “If people make too much money, it should be taken from them.”

Your son is being taught, “Government handouts have no pricetag and no limitations.

Your daughter is being taught, “Nature should be protected at all costs. Unless you don’t like your gender.”

Your son is being taught, “Burning the American flag is protected speech.”

Your daughter is being taught, “All players on the international stage have equal credibility.”

And that is why our brainwashed, drugged youth cast their brainwashed, drug youth vote.

And that’s on page 117 of the most important book of our time, “Scorched Earth.”

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