By Todd Starnes

It was a weekend of violent unrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A rampaging mob burned businesses and battled with police.

The rioting started after a black police officer shot and killed a black suspect. The convicted felon had a gun – and when he refused to drop his weapon the officer opened fire.

The mob took to the streets – causing all sorts of mayhem. A number of buildings were set ablaze – including a gas station.

Five police officers were hurt – one hit by a brick.

White people were also purportedly targeted. A number of websites, including Fox Nation, posted video – showing some protesters trying to hunt down white motorists.

“They beating up all the white people,” one eyewitness said on the video.

We cannot confirm if any were in fact injured.

The Mainstream Media has ignored that part of the story.

One protester told a reporter that “rich people got all this money” and they’re not giving them some.

So the mob basically want us to get a job, work 60 hours a week, get a pay check and then turn the money over to them. Is that what they want?

What happened in Milwaukee — has happened before – in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

Professional race agitators once again fomented unrest and pouring gasoline on smoldering rage.

How does burning down your neighborhood advance your cause?

How does throwing bricks at police officers make you safer?

There are real problems facing urban America – but they cannot be resolved through violence. Frankly, I believe they can only be resolved in the church house — and by repairing and restoring broken families.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke addressed that very issue during a press conference.

“People have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustration, their anger and resentment,” he said. “We cannot have the social upheaval – the chaos that we saw (Saturday) night that frightens good, law-abiding people in those neighborhoods.”

Sheriff Clarke is a good man who is not afraid to speak the truth – no matter how politically incorrect it may be. And he’s absolutely right — we must have law and order.

One of the protesters said they want economic opportunities. Well – they can start by not burning down the economic opportunities they already have.