The DUMBEST THINGS in the Baltimore DOJ Report

If you enjoyed the Ferguson DOJ report, you’ll love the Baltimore DOJ report. It reads like it was written by Marxist grad students, it spreads conspiracy theories about lead poisoning and is filled with ridiculous absurdities.

Like its complaint that officers actually chase criminals on foot.

“BPD officers frequently engage in foot pursuits of individuals, even where the fleeing individuals are not suspected of violent crimes.”

The DOJ would prefer that if someone steals your wallet, the Baltimore cops should let him go.

Also, outrageously, the police responded to crime by busting criminals.

“These tensions hardened during the 1990s and 2000s as the City responded to increasing violent crime rates by emphasizing an aggressive, “zero tolerance” policing strategy that prioritized making large numbers of stops, searches, and arrests”

You can practically see the disgusted looks on the pro-crime advocates who now populate the DOJ.

“Our investigation recognizes that, as Commissioner Davis aptly noted, Baltimore officers “have the burden to address racism and poverty and education and homelessness.”