Highest-Ranking Officer Cleared in Freddie Gray’s Death, to Get $127K in Back Pay

Baltimore police Lt. Brian S. Rice, who was acquitted of manslaughter, misconduct and other charges in the death of Freddie Gray, is set to receive about $127,000 in back pay.

The city’s Board of Estimates on Wednesday is scheduled to authorize a payment of $126,916 to Rice. Rice and three other officers charged with felonies in connection with Gray’s death were suspended without pay, under department policy. Having been acquitted, Rice is now entitled to back pay under that policy.

Rice, 42, was the highest-ranking officer of the six police officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death. Prosecutors had alleged that Rice and others caused Gray’s death by failing to secure him in a seat belt in the back of the van, where Gray suffered severe spinal cord injuries last year.

Rice was suspended without pay from May 1, 2015, when he was charged by the state’s attorney’s office, until July 18 of this year, when Circuit Judge Barry Williams found Rice not guilty of all charges.