CALL NOW to Stop Kevin Kamenetz Baltimore County ‘Section 8’Bill! Vote is Today

Coming soon to your county?  The Baltimore County Council this coming Monday evening, August lst, will be voting on Bill 46-16 put forward by the County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz.  If passed, this bill will will “prohibit discrimination against a person based on source of income for rental, sale, listing, representation or solicitation of housing….”  It essentially removes discretion by owners regarding those who would move into their properties, further opening county neighborhoods to vastly increasing subsidized housing.  We view it as “takings” because this policy would result in lowered property values, tax rate increases, and huge losses for owners.  Kudos go to the Maryland Campaign for Liberty for their alert and to writer Daniel Horowitz for passing this on. 

Citizens are urged to call their councilmen to vote this bill down (call 410-887-3196).  Finally, don’t think that you are immune from this problem if you live elsewhere in Maryland!