Marilyn Mosby Never Should Have Charged Officers in Freddie Gray Death

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s decision to drop charges in the remaining trials connected to the death of Freddie Gray shows that she didn’t have the evidence to prosecute the six police officers in the first place, said several lawyers who have followed the trials.

“It was an excellent decision on the part of the prosecution. I do believe that the prosecution has finally done the right thing in this case,” said defense lawyer Barry Slotnick, who has been following the trials.

Beyond that, Mr. Slotnick and other observers said, Ms. Mosby should have pulled out of the case a long time ago.


“It’s quite clear that at the end of the day the original prosecution should not have been brought,” Mr. Slotnick said. “They could have done it earlier without putting people through the process of prosecution.”