State Roundup, July 25, 2016

OYSTER POLICY MAY CHANGE: Amid an experiment to bring Maryland oysters back from the brink, the administration of Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is reconsidering strategies launched in 2010, reports Scott Dance in the Sun. The approach cordoned off some of the bay’s oyster population from dredges and oyster tongs, built new habitats atop artificial reefs and also provided a reproductive boost by artificially growing young oysters and spreading them in the bay.


HAIR BOBBLEHEAD WINS: It’s Election Day Sunday at a minor league baseball stadium in Bowie, where fan preference for the governor’s hairstyle was up for a low-stakes contest to benefit a cancer charity.  Gov. LarryHogan had agreed to have two bobbleheads crafted in his image as a marketing gimmick,reports Erin Cox in the Sun. One sports the gray wave of hair he wore when voters catapulted him to office in 2014. The other has a bald dome like the one he had last summer while battling cancer.  Before 2 p.m., the “Hair Bobblehead” was declared the winner in a Baysox tweet.