Uproar! Melania Trump Caught Borrowing Cliches From Michelle Obama Speech

CLEVELAND — So the speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention that “everyone is talking about” was Melania Trump’s endorsing her husband’s candidacy, which appeared to have lifted passages from Michelle Obama’s speech endorsing her husband’s candidacy eight years ago.

“It quickly became clear that the ensuing uproar would overshadow Melania Trump’s introduction on the national stage,” is how USA Today put it.


In other words, the mainstream press has thankfully found a meaty topic in which to bite into, since the other speeches on Monday were all about boring stuff like how Hillary Clinton lied to the mother of one of the men killed in Benghazi, or the stories of parents who lost their children to illegal immigrants, or Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s stirring — and hugely crowd-pleasing — defense of the nation’s police after eight were gunned down in targeted attacks within two weeks.

If it weren’t for Melania’s speech, the legions of reporters gathered in Cleveland to cover the convention might have be forced to talk about Sen. Tom Cotton, a rising star in the GOP, or Rudy Giuliani’s brutal attacks on Obama and Clinton and his passionate defense of Trump.