Trump ‘Sent From God,’ Says Parent of Son Murdered by Illegal Alien

“His death has left a large void in many people’s lives,” she said. “My son’s life was stolen at the hands of an illegal alien. It’s time we had an administration that cares more about Americans than illegals. A vote for Hillary [Clinton] is putting all of our children’s lives at risk.”

Sabine Durden came on stage next. She is a legal immigrant from Germany. She told what she called “sadly” a similar story of losing her only son. Durden’s half black son never became the rallying cry for a Black Lives Matter march. He died at the hands of a criminal illegal alien who had been deported, but illegally re-entered the country, later committing crimes in the U.S. Yet he was allowed to remain here  á

“My best friend, my rock, my son Dominic, my only child, was also killed by an illegal immigrant, I call them illegal aliens.” She continued, “He was an amazing young man who was loved by all”