Maryland Republicans Seek Party Unity as Trump’s Nomination Nears

By Josh Magness & Julie Gallagher

Capital News Service 

CLEVELAND — As Donald Trump seems primed to accept the nomination as the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate this week at the Republican National Convention, party leaders are eying a problem: finding a way to coalesce the base around the controversial business mogul.

A July New York Times/CBS News Poll found that just over a third of Republicans are unsatisfied with Trump as their party’s nominee. Another Morning Consult Poll the same month found that 46 percent of party members said their party has “pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track.”

Efforts to present a party with one voice this week have been halting. For example, Paul Manafort, Trump’s top aide, said Monday morning that Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is not attending the convention, is “embarrassing his party in Ohio.”