WCBM is Sad to Announce That Veteran Talk Show Host, Tom Marr Has Passed Away at the Age of 73


UPDATE: FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS: Details on Tom Marr’s funeral arrangements can be found here: http://www.ruckfuneralhomes.com/home/index.cfm?action=public%3Aobituaries.view&id=3790348&fh_id=12022

Memorial contributions can be made to The Special Olympics of Maryland or to the Crohn’s and Colitis Fondation of America. Thank you for all the loving support during these difficult times!


READ Tom Marr’s Entire Obituary From the Baltimore Sun

The Marr family has issued the following statement to WCBM News:

“At 10:36 this morning (7/7/16) our family patriarch, Thomas Aquinas Marr passed away peacefully, surrounded by family. While we all prayed that he would make an eventual recovery, the severity of the stroke was insurmountable. We are thankful that he passed quickly and without suffering. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Sharon, five children and 10 grandchildren.

We cannot convey how touched we were to hear and read the overwhelming words of support that came in over the past several days. We know he was special to so many throughout Maryland, as well as his audiences and media colleagues across the nation, and overseas. But he was even more special to us as a husband, father, and grandfather. He was our hero, and we will miss him dearly.”



The Mangione Family Has Issued This Statement:

On behalf of the Mangione Family, it is with great sorrow and sympathy that we say goodbye to one of our most coveted voices and most committed personalities with the departure of Tom Marr. Tom arrived at WCBM in 1988 and he became the cornerstone for WCBM’s revival. Tom’s commitment and energy became the Voice and Image of WCBM along with Sean Casey, Frank Luber and Les Kinsolving. Tom was joined by other great talents with the addition of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Tom will be forever missed. Tom was loved by so many people and he was a steel trap when it came to political issues. Nick Mangione Sr. was an avid listener of Tom’s show and they had mutual respect for one another. Tom will be remembered alongside the great voices of Baltimore with the likes of Ron Smith and Jerry Turner. Tom took a short sabbatical to Philadelphia but returned to his home town of Baltimore to share his thoughts and opinions with so many listeners. God Bless Tom, his wife Sharon, his sons and daughters and his entire family. The Mangione Family will be forever grateful for Tom Marr’s contributions. May he Rest in Peace…Amen

Sean Casey, Director of Programming & Operations issued this statement:

“Tom Marr was one of the founding fathers of WCBM.  He helped to build this news-talk radio station into the force that it is today.  He has had a successful career while, informing and entertaining listeners in Baltimore and worldwide. Tom was one of a kind and I considered myself to be very fortunate and blessed to have known him and worked with him. On behalf of the Mangione family and Station Manager Marc Beaven, our thoughts, prayers and condolences are extended to the Marr Family. Semper Fidelis, Tom.”


WCBM 680 General Manager Marc Beaven:


“The family of Tom Marr lost a dear and great husband and father. We share in their loss from the WCBM family and the family of listeners to our station. Tom Marr was a true visionary in talk radio and through the years honed his craft to become one of the best talk show hosts in the country. He will be missed by all and dearly by me Marc Beaven, a person who called him a friend”


WCBM Colleague Nino Mangione: 

My Final Farewell to a Mentor, a Friend and a Patriot

                                                                                                        By Nino Mangione

It is with a heavy heart that I say my final farewell to a man who has had such a unique influence in my adult life…..READ THE REST HERE




Steve Smith, Contributor and Colleague 

The earthly world has lost an exceptionally gifted and talented person today.  Tom Marr brought me into the world of radio more than 5 years ago with Nino’s blessing to assist with the web site and FB pages.  He would feed me stories to post starting as early as 4:30 am which he would address later that day on his show.  The memories of our conversations, his tutelage, and his insight will remain with me forever.  All mortal lives are finite, but our loss here is Heaven’s gain eternally.

Rest In Peace my brother at heart.  May God ease your family’s burden at this time.


Governor Larry Hogan:

“He was a great man and had a real impact on the community. He had a real impact on the state,” 

“He was a smart guy. He was a guy with a lot of integrity,” Governor Hogan said. “Even with people he disagreed with, he was a gentleman and somebody I think people listen to.”


Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich

“He was a good interviewer, a tough interviewer and a fair interviewer,”  “He helped make talk show radio relevant locally. … He was strongly opinionated and able to back his opinions up. And unafraid. As a result, he was well, well respected.”


‘The Great One’ Mark Levin Says Farewell to His Good Friend Tom Marr



Sean Hannity Says Farewell to His Good Friend Tom Marr




Former Republican Congresswoman and Former Federal Maritime Commission Chairwoman Helen Delich Bentley

“Tom Marr was an icon in the conservative world and a real friend,”  “He was rare. He never lost his goals and was very concerned about the future of the United States.”


City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke

“Tom was one of Baltimore’s great radio personalities. He was larger than life and his voice was one that we all knew. It felt like home, “I loved him. He was such an interesting guy.”