OPINION: A Suspicious Meeting in Phoenix Probably Means FBI Charges Against Clinton

On Tuesday Attorney General Loretta Lynch met former President Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport where they held a discussion that lasted at least thirty minutes. Lynch’s explanation for her meeting with Clinton was that it was entirely coincidental and they mainly discussed his two infant grandchildren. This is unconvincing if not preposterous. When Loretta Lynch opens her mouth to speak on a public policy issue, she, like her boss the president, is not likely to be telling the truth. So we can pretty confidently presume that something else topped the agenda, to wit: a forthcoming referral of criminal charges against Bill’s wife in the ongoing email scandal.

Meeting Clinton coincidentally or otherwise was risky a risky and ill-advised thing for Lynch to do unless she — and likely Obama — thought it absolutely necessary. Lynch is a political hack but not a fool. Merely meeting privately with the former president when she is presumably impartially overseeing the criminal investigation of his wife stinks to high heaven, and compromises her sufficiently that there are already calls for her to recuse herself from the matter. Lynch is an experienced and politically savvy prosecutor, appointed by Bill Clinton to the plum position of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, a traditional stepping stone to her current job. When it comes to managing her career and the politics of it, she is sure-handed. Lynch would not have risked the meeting, coincidental or otherwise, unless she had something important to say.

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