Obama-Appointed Prosecutor Chills Free Speech in Idaho Migrant Sex Assault

Over at PJ Media, I discuss the attempt to cover up Muslim migrant crime in Idaho, and to criminalize free discussion of what happened there:

The Obama administration has on numerous occasions shown its distaste for the First Amendment. Now, in Idaho, an Obama-appointed federal prosecutor has gone to war against it, behaving as if it doesn’t exist.The occasion for this latest Obama salvo against the freedom of speech took place in early June. Residents of Twin Falls, Idaho, dissatisfied with the response they received from government and law enforcement after a brutal assault, began a petition that contended:

The little girl was at the FAWNBROOK apartment buildings where both her parents and grandmother reside. She was playing in between those two apartment units when 3 boys (from 2 Syrian refugee families, ages 8, 10, 13) pulled a knife on her, held it to her throat, forced her into the laundry unit, stripped her naked, raped, and urinated on her. The 13 year old “coached” the younger boys as he videoed. Due to age restraint the boys could not ejaculate but did urinate on her.