Rapper’s Murder Leaves Peers With Bleak Outlook on Baltimore

Popular Baltimore dirt bike rider Chino Braxton remembers joining with other local celebrities — including rappers Young Moose and Lor Scoota — to deliver a message of perseverance after the death of Freddie Gray. At four west-side high schools, they talked to student assemblies about overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

A year later, Young Moose is in jail awaiting trial on gun charges. Braxton survived two bullets to the head in February. And on Saturday, Scoota — real name Tyriece Watson — was gunned down as he left a peace rally, a death that is sending shock waves through the community.

Braxton, 19, was friends with the 23-year-old Watson and said the rapper’s death has shaken him, even more so than his own shooting. He is now convinced he needs to leave Baltimore to pursue his dreams.

“I should have really woke up after my situation, but the situation with Scoota really woke me up,” Braxton said Tuesday. “I definitely got plans on leaving. …