Stunning Revelations Outlines Marilyn Mosby Seeking Prosecution Despite Evidence

In March of 2012 there was a clear inflection point within the judicial system when leftists, professional grievance activists, switched tactics from proclaiming the innocence of the transparently guilty, to advocating for the guilt of the transparently innocent.

The political case constructs against George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson were two high-profile examples that soon followed…. now this:

This past weekend the Baltimore Sun outlined investigative evidence from a Baltimore detective, Dawnyell Taylor, that clearly shows the prosecution of the Baltimore Six police officers was yet another example.  Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby manufactured a political case intended to advocate for the guilt of the transparently innocent.

(Via Baltimore Sun) The lead Baltimore police detective in the Freddie Gray investigation said she reluctantly read to grand jurors a summary of evidence provided by prosecutors that she believed was misleading, according to police records reviewed by The Baltimore Sun.