State Roundup, June 22, 2016

HIGH STAKES FOR FBI HQ: In the run-up to a final decision on where to build a new FBI headquarters, Govs. Larry Hogan and Terry McAuliffe have engaged in a high-stakes bidding war aimed at persuading federal officials to relocate the FBI’s 11,000 jobs to their states, raising the costs on a prize that both men view as a cornerstone of their economic agendas, Jonathan O’Connell reports in the Post. Hogan has committed to providing $317 million in state and local funds for road, transit and infrastructure improvements should the feds build the project in Greenbelt, or $255 million should they build it in Landover.

MO CO BALLOT PROBLEMS: A decision by Montgomery County to re-scan misplaced absentee ballots and recertify the April 26 primary election results without any public oversight, following advice from state election officials, is now raising concerns about how the process was handled. Voting advocates are concerned that Montgomery changed, then officially recertified election results for the primary without notifying all members of the local board responsible for certifying elections, or going through a public process, Glynis Kazanjian reports for