Black Lives Matter: “White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Capitalism’ Among Reasons For Orlando Attack

While conservatives identify the Orlando massacre as an Islamic terrorist attack and the left blames a variety of factors including conservatives and guns, the Black Lives Matter movement has published its own unique perspective on the cause of this atrocity.

“Despite the media’s framing of this as a terrorist attack, we are very clear that this terror is completely homegrown, born from the anti-Black white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of [sic] the conservative right and of those who would use religious extremism as a weapon to gain power for the few and take power from the rest.”

Although the Orlando killer had been investigated by the FBI as a possible terror threat, and despite his declaration of allegiance to ISIS during the attack, Black Lives Matter emphatically asserts that, “The enemy is now and has always been the four threats of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism. These forces and not Islam create terrorism.”

The group repeatedly rejects the notion that Islamic doctrine motivated the murderer. “We will not allow a false narrative of ‘Islamic terrorism’ to be dictated by white supremacists and corporate media.” While denying any linkage between the attack and Islam, the article also states, “Religious extremism is not new to America and is not unique to Islam. For centuries, religion has been used to subjugate queer people of color and lay the groundwork for our deaths.”