State Roundup, June 20, 2016

STATE EMPLOYEE WAGE ERROR: Maryland might have shortchanged as many as 13,000 employees by as much as $30 per pay period for as long as two decades, state officials announced Friday, reports Erin Cox in the Sun.

GUN CONTROL FAIL IN MARYLAND: Maryland is one of at least three states where gun-control advocates recently failed to push through legislation to bar people on terrorism watch lists from purchasing weapons — a safeguard that is drawing new attention in the wake of June 12’s mass shooting in Orlando, Josh Hicks and Elise Schmelzer report in the Post.

MINIMUM WAGE HIKE: Business owners in Maryland have had a year to plan for this upcoming increase in the minimum wage, writes Anamika Roy for the Daily Record.Some are thankful for the time to plan; others have gone above state requirements and already pay their employees well above the minimum wage.